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iPad case with keyboard and mouse

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Turn your iPad into a MacBook whenever and anywhere you choose. It's the most cost-effective and convenient method to upgrade your iPad with a keyboard, touchpad, and case. The touchpad supports a variety of movements, allowing you to use your iPad to its maximum potential.
  • Chic, cute and beautiful iPad case with matching wireless keyboard and mouse
  • Keyboard has square keys. If you are looking for the case with rounded keys, please check out this link.
  • Easy clip-on application.
  • Built-in magnetic strip provides sleep / wake feature.
  • Built-in Pencil holder securely carries and protects your Apple Pencil 2nd Gen wherever you go.
  • Beautifully designed mouse and keyboard for your beautiful wireless office.
  • Adjust the iPad to multiple angles securely.
  • Shock absorbing high quality case with good all around protection. The soft microfiber interior and front PU leather protect your tablet from scratches. Scratches, shocks, drops, and collisions are all protected by the back PC cover and flexible TPU bumper.
  • Comes in multiple colors
  • For iPad Air 4 10.9, iPad Pro 9.7 2016, Air 1 Air 2-5th 6th, 10.2 7th, 8th, 9th Gen, Pro 11 2021 2020, Pro 10.5 Air 10.5, 2021 Mini 6, Mini 5, Mini 4.

Confused which model to choose? Check the model number at the back of your iPad and follow the guide below:

For iPad Pro 12.9-in. 5th gen (2021 M1)
A2378 A2461 A2379 A2462NEW
For iPad Pro 12.9-in. 4th gen (2020) A2229 A2069 A2232 A2233
For iPad Pro 12.9-in. 3rd gen (2018) A1876 A1895 A1983 A2014
For iPad Pro 12.9-in. 1st gen (2015) A1584 A1652
For iPad Pro 12.9-in. 2nd gen (2017) A1670 A1671 A1821
For iPad Pro 11-in. 3rd gen (2021 M1) A2377 A2459 A2301 A2460NEW
For iPad Pro 11-in. 2nd gen (2020) A2228 A2068 A2230 A2231
For iPad Pro 11-in. 1st gen (2018) A1979 A1980 A1934 A2013
For iPad 9th Gen 10.2-in. (2021) A2602 A2603 A2604 A2605NEW
For iPad 7/8th Gen 10.2-in. (2019/2020) A2197 A2198 A2200 A2270 A2428 A2429 A2430
For iPad 5/6th Gen 9.7-in. (2017/2018) A1822 A1823 A1893 A1954
For iPad Pro 9.7-in. (2016) A1673 A1674 A1675
For iPad Pro 10.5-in. (2017) A1701 A1709 A1852
For iPad Air 4th 10.9-in. (2020) A2072 A2316 A2324 A2325
For iPad Air 3rd 10.5-in. (2019) A2152 A2154 A2153 A2123
For iPad Air 1/2 (2013/2014) A1474 A1475 A1476 A1566 A1567
For iPad 2 3 4 A1395 A1396 A1397 A1416 A1403 A1430 A1458 A1459 A1460
For iPad Mini 6th (2021) A2567 A2568 A2569NEW
For iPad Mini 5th (2019) A2124 A2125 A2126 A2133
For iPad Mini 4 (2015) A1538 A1550
For iPad Mini 1 2 3 A1432 A1454 A1455 A1489 A1490 A1491 A1599 A1600 A1601


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