About Us

The 2019 pandemic has affected business across the world. Many small businesses have either shut down or have taken their business online. Tabletory is no exception; with the current high demand of moving towards an online economy we have decided to bring our products online to a larger audience.

Tabletory is a one stop shop for all your Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tablet cases and accessories. We provide high quality products that are not only uber functional but also very unique.

We curate only premium quality products sourced from reputed suppliers. We ensure that every product is hand picked and passes 100% quality checks.

We believe that the two primary facets of a business are Product and Service. We go to great lengths and exert all of our efforts to ensure that these two sides of the coin are clasped together in a fist of quality and trust.

One of our core beliefs is providing excellent customer service. Our support staff is extremely patient and is always eager to answer inquiries and resolve any issues in a timely fashion. If you have any questions or face any issue then please email us and we will respond within 1 - 2 business days.